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Names beginning with Z

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Zaavan was the second son of Ezer, a descendant of Seir the Horite. Genesis 36.27; 1 Chronicles 1.42

Zabad (1) was the son of Ahlai, a warrior of David's bodyguard, according to the Chronicler. 1 Chronicles 11.41

Zabad (2) is a name used by the Chronicler for Jozacar, leader of the murderers of Joash. 2 Kings 12.20 21; 2 Chronicles 24.25, 26

Zabdi was a Shiphmite, the overseer of David's wine cellars, according to the Chronicler. 1 Chronicles 27.27

Zabud was the son of Nathan, a priest and friend of Solomon. 1 Kings 4.5

Zacchaeus was a wealthy tax-collector of Jericho. On becoming a disciple of Jesus, Zacchaeus promised publicly to refund anyone whom he had defrauded in his work. Luke 19.2-10

Zaccur was the son of Imri, an assistant of Nehemiah in the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem. Nehemiah 3.2

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Zadok (1) was the son of Ahitub, father of Ahimaaz and priest in succession to Abiathar. He was a friend of David and an ally of Nathan and Benaiah. Zadok oversaw the return to Jerusalem of the Ark of the Covenant, and supported Solomon in his successful bid to secure his father's throne. 2 Samuel 8.17; 15.24-29, 35, 36; 17.15; 19.11; 20.25; 1 Kings 1.8, 26, 32-39, 44, 45; 2.35; 4.4; 1 Chronicles 6.8, 53; 16.39; 18.16; 24.31; 27.17; 20.22; Ezekiel 40.46; 43.19; 44.15; 48.11

Zadok (2) was the son of Immer, an assistant of Nehemiah in the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem. Nehemiah 3.29

Zadok (3) was a scribe whom Nehemiah appointed treasurer of the tithes in the temple storehouse. Nehemiah 13.13

Zadok (4) was the son of Azor, father of Achim and an ancestor of Joseph, in Matthew's genealogy. Matthew 1.14

Zaham was the third son of Rehoboam and Mahalath, according to the Chronicler. 2 Chronicles 11.19

Zalmon was an Ahohite, a warrior of David's bodyguard. 2 Samuel 23.28

Zalmunna was a Midianite chieftain, the brother of Zebah. These two killed the brothers of Gideon, and Gideon subsequently killed them in retaliation. Judges 8.5-21; Psalms 83.11, 12

Zaphenath-paneah was an Egyptian name that Pharaoh gave to Joseph. Genesis 41.45

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Zebadiah (1) was the son of Asahel, an overseer of David's army for the fourth month of every year, according to the Chronicler. 1 Chronicles 27.7

Zebadiah (2) was a Levite whom Jehoshaphat appointed to assist the princes of Judaea in teaching the Mosaic Law, according to the Chronicler. 2 Chronicles 17.8

Zebadiah (3) was the son of Ishmael, the governor of Judah in Jehoshaphat's administration, according to the Chronicler. 2 Chronicles 19.11

Zebah was a Midianite chieftain, the brother of Zalmunna. These two killed the brothers of Gideon, and Gideon subsequently killed them in retaliation. Judges 8.5-21; Psalms 83.11, 12

Zebedee was a Galilean fisherman, the father of Jesus' disciples, James and John. Matthew 4.21, 22

Zebidah was the daughter of Pedaiah, wife of Josiah and mother of Jehoiakim. 2 Kings 23.36

Zebul was the governor of Shechem, an officer of Abimelech, whom he assisted in suppressing the revolt of Gaal. Zebul, having sent to Abimelech for assistance, pretended that his forces were distant from the city, until they were too near for Gaal to escape. Judges 9.28, 30-41

Zebulun was the tenth son of Jacob, his sixth by Leah, and the father of Sered, Elon and Jahleel. Zebulun's name is derived from the Hebrew word “zabal” meaning “honour”. Genesis 30.20; 35.23; 46.14; 49.13; Numbers 26.26, 27

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Zechariah (1) was the son of Jeroboam II, and king of Israel (ca. 746-745 B.C.). Zechariah followed his father's idolatrous practices, and was killed by Shallum and others at Ibleam. 2 Kings 14.29; 15.8-11

Zechariah (2) was the son of Meshelemiah, a gatekeeper of the tent of meeting in David's reign, according to the Chronicler. 1 Chronicles 9.21

Zechariah (3) was a priest and musician of David's court, according to the Chronicler. 1 Chronicles 15.20, 24, 16.5

Zechariah (4) was a prince of Judah whom Jehoshaphat appointed as a teacher of the Mosaic law, according to the Chronicler. 2 Chronicles 17.7; 21.2

Zechariah (5) was the son of Jehoiada. He was stoned to death in the reign of Joash, for denouncing the idolatry of the princes of Judah. 2 Chronicles 24.20-22; Matthew 23.35; Luke 11.51

Zechariah (6) was a Levite, a descendant of Asaph and assistant of Hezekiah in his cleansing of the temple, according to the Chronicler. 2 Chronicles 29.13

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Zechariah (7), a descendant of Kohath, was a Levite who oversaw the reconstruction of the temple in Josiah's reign. He contributed animals for sacrifice in Josiah's freewill offering, according to the Chronicler. 2 Chronicles 34.12; 35.8

Zechariah (8) was the son of Barachiah and the grandson of Iddo (the son of Iddo, according to Ezra). A prophet and associate of Haggai, he supported Zerubbabel and Jeshua in their rebuilding of the Jerusalem temple. Ezra 5.1; 6.14; Zechariah 1.1-14.21

Zechariah (9) was an assistant of Ezra, who sent him to Iddo at Casiphia to bring back priests to serve in the restored temple in Jerusalem. Ezra 8.16

Zechariah (10) was an assistant of Ezra in his public reading of the book of the law. Nehemiah 8.4

Zechariah (11), the son of Jeberechiah, was one of the witnesses Isaiah called to attest to his sign of Maher-shalalal-hashbaz. Isaiah 8.2

Zechariah (12) was a priest, a descendant of Abijah, the husband of Elizabeth, and father of John the Baptist. His wife's barrenness caused Zechariah to doubt the disclosure (by an angel) that a son was to be born. He was struck dumb, and remained so until the birth of the child, when he regained the power of speech and confirmed his wife's wish that the child be named John. Luke 1.5-79; 3.2

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Zedekiah (1) was a prophet, the son of Chenaanah. He opposed Micaiah and supported Ahab in his anti-Syrian alliance with Jehoshaphat. 1 Kings 22.11, 24, 25; 2 Chronicles 18.10, 23, 24

Zedekiah (2), originally named Mattaniah, was the third son of Josiah and uncle of Jehoiachin whom, on the orders of Nebuchadrezzar, he succeeded as king of Judah (reigned ca. 597-587 B.C.). Zedekiah's reign ended when he rebelled against Nebuchadrezzar, who had him blinded and taken into captivity. 2 Kings 24.17-25.7; 1 Chronicles 3.15; Jeremiah 1.3; 21.1-7; 24.8; 27.1, 12; 28.1; 29.3; 32.1-5; 34.2-21; 37.1-39.7; 44.30; 51.59; 52.1-11

Zedekiah (3) was the son of Maaseiah, a false prophet condemned by Jeremiah, who predicted his execution for anti-Babylonian subversion. Jeremiah 29.21-23

Zeeb was a Midianite prince, killed by the forces of Gideon. This happened near a wine press later named after Zeeb. Judges 7.25; 8.3; Psalms 83.11

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Zelek was an Ammonite, a warrior of David's bodyguard. 2 Samuel 23.37; 1 Chronicles 11.39

Zelophehad was the son of Hepher, and father of five daughters (Mahlah, Noah, Hoglah, Milcah and Tirzah) but no sons. This lack of a male heir led to a change in the laws of property, to allow women to inherit land. However, to prevent land being lost to another tribe, Zelophehad's daughters were obliged to marry within their own tribe of Manasseh. Numbers 26.33; 27.1-11; 36.2-12; Joshua 17.3,4; 1 Chronicles 7.15

Zenas was a Lawyer, a companion of Paul and Apollos. He is named in the closing paragraphs of the letter to Titus. Titus 3.13

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Zephaniah (1) was the son of Maaseiah, a deputy to Seraiah, the chief priest. He was an intermediary in the negotiations between Zedekiah and the prophet Jeremiah. After Zedekiah's abortive revolt against the Babylonians, Nebuchadrezzar had him executed. 2 Kings 25.18-21; Jeremiah 21.1; 29.25, 29; 37.3; 52.24-27

Zephaniah (2) was the son of Cushi, grandson of Gedaliah, a descendant of Hezekiah and a prophet. In the early part of Josiah's reign he condemned the corruption and idolatry of Judah. Zephaniah 1.1-3.20

Zephaniah (3) was the father of Josiah, in whose house Joshua was to be crowned as the messianic king. Zechariah 6.10,14

Zephi is a Name used by the Chronicler for Zepho. Genesis 36.11; 1 Chronicles 1.36

Zepho was the third son of Eliphaz, a descendant of Esau. Genesis 36.11; 1 Chronicles 1.36

Zephon was the eldest son of Gad, also known as Ziphion. Genesis 46.16; Numbers 26.15

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Zerah (1) was the second son of Reuel, a descendant of Esau. Genesis 36.13; 1 Chronicles 1.37

Zerah (2) was the son of Judah and Tamar, a twin brother of Perez and ancestor of the Judahite clan of the Zerahites. He became the father of Zimri, Ethan, Heman, Calcol and Dara; Genesis 38.30; 46.12; Numbers 26.20; 1 Chronicles 2.4, 6; Matthew 1.3

Zerah (3) was the fourth son of Simeon, according to Numbers and 1 Chronicles. He may be identical with Zohar, listed as the fifth son of Simeon in Genesis 46.10 and Exodus 6.15. Numbers 26.13; 1 Chronicles 4.24

Zerah (4) was an Ethiopian, the leader of a vast army that Asa defeated at Mareshah, according to the Chronicler. 2 Chronicles 14.9-15

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Zeresh was the wife of Haman. She predicted Mordecai's triumph over her husband. Esther 5.10-14; 6.13

Zerubabbel was the son of Shealtiel, an ancestor of Joseph in Matthew's and Luke's genealogies. With Jeshua he led a group of returned exiles in the reign of Darius (ca. 520 B.C.). Despite opposition from local settlers, this group worked on the rebuilding of the temple. Ezra 2.2; 3.2-8; 4.2, 3; 5.2; Nehemiah 12.1, 47; Haggai 1.1-2.23; Zechariah 4.6-10; Matthew 1.12,13; Luke 3.27

Zeruiah was the daughter of Jesse, sister of David and Abigail, and the mother of Abishai, Joab and Asahel. 2 Samuel 2.18; 14.1; 16.9; 17.25; 19.21, 22; 1 Kings 2.5, 22; 1 Chronicles 2.16

Zethar was one of the seven eunuchs who served Ahasuerus (Xerxes I) as chamberlains. Esther 1.10

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Ziba was a servant of Saul, subsequently appointed steward of Mephibosheth by David. During Absalom's rebellion Ziba brought David supplies, claiming that his master was disloyal to the king. David decided to give Mephibosheth's estates to Ziba. After Absalom's defeat Mephibosheth protested that Ziba's accusation was untrue, and that he had taken advantage of his master's lameness to desert Mephibosheth. Uncertain whom to believe, David divided the estate between the two disputants. 2 Samuel 9.2-12; 16.1-4; 19.17, 24-30

Zibeon was the third son of Seir the Horite, the father of Aiah and Anah. Genesis 36.20, 24; 1 Chronicles 1.38, 40

Zibiah, from Beersheba, was the mother of Jehoash of Judah. 2 Kings 12.1; 2 Chronicles 24.1

Zichri (1) was the third son of Izhar, a descendant of Levi. Exodus 6.21

Zichri (2) was an Ephraimite soldier. According to the Chronicler, he killed Ahaz's son Maaseiah, and Azrikam and Elkanah, two officers of Ahaz. 2 Chronicles 28.7

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Zillah was the wife of Lamech and mother of Tubal-cain and Naamah. Genesis 4.19-23

Zilpah was a maid whom Laban gave to Leah. She became a concubine of Jacob, and the mother of Gad and Asher. Genesis 29.24; 30.9-13; 35.26; 37.2; 46.18

Zimran was the first son of Abraham by his second wife, Keturah. Genesis25.2

Zimri (1) was a Simeonite, the son of Salu. Phinehas killed him for taking a Midianite concubine. Numbers 25.6-15

Zimri (2) was a chariot-commander in the army of Elah, whom he murdered to become king of Israel (reigned ca. 876 B.C for one week). Omri, who deposed him, besieged Zimri's capital, Tirzah, and Zimri took his own life by setting fire to his house. 1 Kings 16.9-20; 2 Kings 9.31

Zipion was the eldest son of Gad, also known as Zephon. Genesis 46.16; Numbers 26.15

Zipporah was the daughter of Jethro, wife of Moses and mother of Gershom and Eliezer. Exodus 2.21,22; 4.25, 26; 18.2-6; Numbers 12.1

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Zobah (the king of) was a petty tribal chieftain whom Saul defeated. 1 Samuel 14.47

Zohar (1) was the father of Ephron the Hittite. Genesis 23.8

Zohar (2) was the fifth son of Simeon (perhaps identical with Zerah, listed as Simeon's fourth son in Numbers 26.13 and 1 Chronicles 4.24). Genesis 46.10; Exodus 6.15

Zophar, known as the Naamathite, was one of the three friends or “comforters ” of Job. Job 2.11-13; 11.1-20; 20.1-29; 32.1, 3; 42.9

Zur was a Midianite chieftain, one of five killed on the orders of Moses. Numbers 31.8; Joshua 13.21

Zuriel was the son of Abihail, the head of the Merarite division of the Levites. Moses entrusted him with the duty of looking after parts of the tabernacle. Numbers 3.35

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