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Names beginning with K

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Kadmiel (1) was an associate of Jeshua, an overseer of the builders who restored the temple in Jerusalem. Ezra 3.9

Kadmiel (2) was an assistant of Ezra, one of a number of Levites who led the people of Jerusalem in public prayer before Ezra read to them from the book of the law. Nehemiah 9.4, 5

Kedar was the second son of Ishmael, a grandson of Abraham. Genesis 25.13; 1 Chronicles 1.29

Kedemah was the twelfth and youngest son of Ishmael, a grandson of Abraham. Genesis 25.15; 1 Chronicles 1.31

Kedesh (the king of) of was an anonymous petty tribal chieftain defeated by Joshua. Joshua 12.22

Kelita was an assistant of Nehemiah, a Levite who helped explain to the people the book of the law that the governor read to them. Nehemiah 8.7

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Kemuel (1) was the son of Nahor, a nephew of Moses and father of Aram. Genesis 22.21

Kemuel (2) was the son of Shiphtan; representative of the tribe of Ephraim in the division of the Promised Land organised by Moses. Numbers 34.24

Kenan was the son of Enosh and father of Mahalelel. Genesis 5.9-14; 1 Chronicles 1.2

Kenaz was the fifth son of Eliphaz, a grandson of Esau. Genesis 36.11; 1 Chronicles 1.36

Keren-happuch was the third daughter born to Job after the end of his affliction. The name means “horn of eye-shadow”. Job 42.14

Keturah was the second wife of Abraham, the mother of Zimran, Jokshan, Medan, Ishbak and Shuah. Genesis 25.1-4; 1 Chronicles 1.32, 33

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Kish (1) was a Benjaminite, the son of Abiel and father of Saul. It was while Saul was searching for the lost asses of Kish, that Samuel anointed him. 1 Samuel 9.1-3; 10.2; 14.51; 2 Samuel 21.14; 1 Chronicles 8.33; Acts 13.21

Kish (2) was the son of Abdi, an assistant of Hezekiah in his ceremonial cleansing of the temple. 2 Chronicles 29.12

Kittim was the son of Javan, a grandson of Japheth. Genesis 10.4

Kohath was the second son of Levi, the father of Amram and grandfather of Moses. Genesis 46.11; Exodus 6.16, 18; Numbers 3.17,19, 27-31; 4.2-20, 34-37; 7.9; 26.57, 58; 1 Chronicles 6.1, 2, 16, 18; 23.6, 12

Korah (1) was the son of Izhar, a grandson of Kohath and cousin of Moses, against whose leadership he rebelled, with Dathan and Abiram, during the Israelites' stay at Kadesh-barnea. An earth-tremor killed all the rebels and their families. Exodus 6.21; Numbers 16.1-34, 49; 1 Chronicles 6.22; Jude 11

Korah (2) was a Levitical musician whose sons were credited with the composition of various psalms. 1 Chronicles 6.37; Psalms 42; 44-49; 84; 85; 87; 88

Kore was the son of Imnah, a Levite who became the overseer of the freewill offering organised by Hezekiah. 2 Chronicles 31.14

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