English etymology - matching exercise

In this quiz you will try to show your knowledge of the languages from which common English words come. Match the examples on the left with the language on the right. When you have completed the quiz, click the button to get your score and see which questions you answered correctly. Retake the quiz to learn where words come from.

Calf, glitter, husband, kid, leg, skin, skull, bull, outlaw, reindeer
Alphabet, biology, geometry, logic, metamorphosis, music, physics, theatre, zoo
Alcohol, alchemy, algebra, arsenal, assassin, cipher, elixir, sugar, syrup, zero
Banana, barricade, canyon, cigar, embargo, guerrilla, guitar, mosquito, tornado
Brogue, blarney, clan, plaid, shamrock, slogan, trousers, whisky
Bungalow, dungarees, jodhpurs, jungle, loot, polo, pyjamas, shampoo, thug
Compassion, junction, marine, nutrition, suburb, supernatural, temporary, transfer, visor
Bonsai, geisha, kamikaze, kimono, origami, ninja, samurai, sushi,
Bazaar, caravan, chess, khaki, lilac, paradise, shawl
Bring, come, father, wife, grass, ground, house, land, man, stand, summer, tree
Balcony, carnival, fuse, giraffe, lottery, opera, pasta, rocket, volcano
Battery, bayonet, chocolate, duel, explore, passport, progress, shock
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